Premium Beef Cuts

If you’re looking for premium cuts of beef, head to your local Old Fashioned Butcher Shoppe. We take pride in offering the highest grade meat from our table to yours. Prime Ribeye, Strip Loin, Filet, and the highest quality of beef patties are all staples of our best selection. 

This isn’t just regular beef; try one of our mouth-watering briskets and you won’t be disappointed. From roasts to steaks and burgers, there’s something for everyone at Old Fashioned Butcher Shoppe. Come see us today and sample one of our cuts of premium beef!

Rib Eye at The Old Fashioned Butcher Shop in Evansville, Indiana
Rib Eye at The Old Fashioned Butcher Shop in Evansville, Indiana
Filet Mignon at The Old Fashioned Butcher Shop in Evansville, Indiana



Sirloins, Filets, & More!

We offer sirloins that are juicy and full of flavor, as well as beef filets and beef tender that melt in your mouth. That’s because our sirloins are hand-selected by our experienced butchers who understand what makes an exceptional cut of meat. Plus, all of our sirloins come from animals which have been raised eat natural diets without hormones or antibiotics. With us you get the best quality meat with unbeatable taste and texture.

Don't forget our Steaks, Roasts, & Patties.

At our shop, you can find rump roast that’s perfectly marbled and juicy, ground beef that’s delightfully flavorful, chuck steaks with the ideal texture and texture and mouthwatering briskets and ribs that will leave your guests raving about them. We only source locally harvested meats from ethical producers to ensure that each cut of meat we provide is top quality.

We Provide Fresh Meat Every Day

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